Jump-starting the Biogas Industry in Africa

Transforming sugar cane crop residue into Biogas, Organic fertilizer and Electricity

Our story

We’re a group of people jump-starting the biogas industry in Africa, starting on the Zululand Coast of South Africa and ultimately having the potential to culminate all the way up to Cairo.

We are helping farmers to diversify their operations for greater profitability and sustainability by using the natural resources available on their farms to generate sustainable revenue and at the same time save the Earth by using Eco-Friendly Energy Generation methods that are more efficient and has less reliance on fossil fuels, and are completely renewable.

At the same time, we are addressing the Government’s national development plan (NDP), supporting rural life. Biogas generation utilizes the Earths resources in a renewable way, creating job opportunities and provides eco-friendly environments that can passed on to future generations. The plant produces Organic Fertiliser that is highly valuable, Biogas that can be bottled and used in consumers homes, or used to directly power Electricity generators and even motor vehicles.

We’re passionate and excited by this project and what it means for the people involved. We hope you’ll join us.


Sucropower is a consortium of South African businesses focused on the cost-effective production of biogas in the sugarcane farming context. It aims to design, obtain funding, construct and operate biogas…
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Biogas refers to the mixture of different gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter through anaerobic digestion in an oxygen-free enclosure. Biogas can be produced from a range of raw materials such…
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In July 2017 Sucropower commissioned a 50kW demonstration plant at Thorny Park, south of Mandini on the Tugela river on the North Coast (KwaZulu-Natal) of South Africa. Work commenced in 2018 on the planning of a 1MW commercial plant on an adjacent farm.
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Biogas offers opportunities to optimise sugarcane farming

Sucropower now offers sugarcane farmers the technology to transform cane waste into biogas and electricity.

Power from bio-matter

Sucropower specialises in the delivery of cost-effective biogas plants to the sugarcane industry.

Biogas, fertilizer and electrical power are produced from agricultural biomass such as sugarcane tops and trash which is converted into biogas through a process of controlled anaerobic digestion of the organic materials by bacteria. Biogas is natural gas and may be used to power vehicles/farm equipment and to generate electricity.

Most of the cane crop residue is discarded at present and this can be used as a source of feedstock for the bio-digestion process.

Sucropower aim at improving farm efficiency and uplifting rural communities through the design, planning, construction and management of biogas plants within the cane farming community.


  • Create sustainable rural employment In line with the South African government’s appeal to agriculture to establish rural business ventures and thereby reduce migration to urban areas
  • Optimise sugarcane farming for greater profitability Farm byproducts and waste can be intelligently used to produce green energy as an additional revenue stream
  • Generate fuel and electricity from renewable energy sources Harness alternative energy sources to create fuel, electricity and downstream business opportunities for stakeholders