Meet the people and partners behind Sucropower

Sucropower Partners

Focused on the cost-effective production of biogas in sugarcane farming

Sucropower designs, builds and operates biogas power plants for farmers, investors and stakeholders in the African sugar industry. Through the combined experience of all partners it has expertise in many aspects of power-plant delivery ranging from cost-planning, investor funding and construction through to monitoring, operations management and support.

As part of its mission, Sucropower facilitates the empowerment of rural communities through fuel and electricity energy supply, job creation, equity participation and downstream value-add opportunities.




Investors and



Project Management and Delivery

Planning & Cost Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd

Project management and delivery through global best practice methods and techniques.


Sucropower lead team - Pace Technology and Engineering



Funding and Business Analytics

Cresco (Pty) Ltd

Project finance and business planning services.


Sucropower financing - Cresco Project Finance




Energy and Environment Partnership Trust Fund

The Energy and Environment Partnership covering Southern and East Africa (EEP Africa) is a multi-donor fund providing early stage grant and catalytic financing to innovative clean energy projects, technologies, and business models.


Sucropower financing - Cresco Project Finance



Technical Partner

Renen Energy

The go-to sustainable energy specialists!


Sucropower financing - Cresco Project Finance


Cane Growers Association



South African Cane Growers Association

Investors and

Sponsors, Grants, Funding and Investors

The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme (EEP)
The EEP, as major sponsor focuses on projects in Southern and East Africa dealing with renewable energy and sustainable energy practices with potential for commercialization.

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, South Africa

Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa (DTI)

Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)

Commercial bank funding

Independent investors